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Fish, hunt or enjoy the bald eagle migration at Cypress Point Resort and you'll get all that Reelfoot Lake has to offer. Cypress Point Resort is located on the shores of Reelfoot Lake and has everything you'll need for a relaxing and enjoyable trip to Tennessee's Earthquake Lake. Reelfoot Lake has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. The earthquakes of , which created Reelfoot Lake, have made the pan fishing for crappie, bass and bluegill ideal. Hunters also come to Reelfoot Lake to take advantage of the plentiful deer and duck populations. Deer hunting starts at the end of September and continues though the. Premier Resort & Outfitter on Reelfoot Lake for Fishing, Hunting, Outdoor Photography, & Retreats.

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report

We have not been putting a fishing report up as often because we are putting pictures on our facebook page. Please check it out www. They have been using minnows around trees. Bass are shallow also. These bass were caught in the channel by our units at the South location. December 28, I know it is duck hunting season but the lake is full of fisherman now, too.

They are catching crappie drifting with minnows and jigs. August 3, Jan from La. This time of year is good for largemouth bass fishing. They also had catfish. April 12 Charles and friend caught some nice crappie on their recent trip to Reelfoot. The Wolford party from Ohio caught some nice fish on April 9th. The crappie are moving into the shallows getting ready for the big spawn. A few bluegills are starting to bite since the water has started to warm. Reelfoot fishing report bass are doing in the shallows, also.

This picture reelfoot fishing report crappie were caught fishing on the North location in the shallow part of Reelfoot Lake.

Right on the edge of the channel. The crappie weighed over 1lb. February 18, The lake is normal pool now with the rain we had last month. No more stumps showing now. We had fisherman in this weekend and they caught crappie, catfish and largemouth bass. Fishing is off to a good start right now. We are taking reservations daily for spring so hurry and book your trip. October 20, The lake is still low but fishing is improving for the crappie. They are using minnows jigging around the stumps.

Bluegill are slow. Catfish are always biting. We have had a reelfoot fishing report bass fisherman staying with us and catching bass around the logs and duckblinds, reelfoot fishing report.

September 6, Finally, we got some rain from the Hurricane. It has rained almost two inches this week and more on the way. That should bring the lake level up. Cooler weather all next week and the crappie should start biting. As always, we are still catching catfish. I haven't seen or heard of anyone catching any bluegills.

August 14, Catfish are still doing good. The crappie are still slow but these cooler nights should help. Large mouth bass are reelfoot fishing report but white spinner baits works good.

We still need rain but not as much as we got in They caught over 40 reelfoot fishing report the biggest weighing 9. They were using yo-yo's and had a trotline out. The boys, Thomas and Brandon pulled in the big one. June 29, The Blasdel Party from Illinois caught some nice catfish on the North end over the weekend.

They fished with rod and reels and trotlines. It was 98 at am when they came in from fishing. It is going to be hot all week. Crappie are deep and bluegill are slow. This year has been really strange starting in March when the temps got in the 90's, reelfoot fishing report. We started getting dry in April with no rain putting us in an extreme drought.

The stumps are showing good now which will make it good on fishing around them, reelfoot fishing report. Click on pictures to enlarge. April 14, Randy, Donnie and Tommy from Mt. Sterling, Ky, reelfoot fishing report. The wind was blowing bad but they put out yo-yo's. April 8, Crappie caught this week end. April 7, The Gregory family from Indiana caught some nice black reelfoot fishing report and catfish in the lily pads at the North location.

Aaron and Andrew got in the fun, too. April 2, Well, it's that time of year and the fish are ready to start spawning. The bluegill are running bigger than normal. The crappie are on the beds, reelfoot fishing report.

Hal and Craig from Georgia caught some nice bass using spinner baits. After what has been a relatively small shad kill, all predators are probably very aggressive.

Most crappie fishing will be done as one uses hand poles in the larger basins where marked stumps are prolific. The Upper Blue Basin has been especially good with crappie being caught as shallow as two feet! The depth just reelfoot fishing report on the day. This time of year, sunlight will draw them to shallower depths for the reelfoot fishing report waters.

Even then, trolling must be extremely slow. Dark colored jigs and small minnows will be favored. Bass fishermen should look for a strong warming trend. You would not believe the people fishing right now. I believe there are more fisherman on the lake than duck hunters, reelfoot fishing report.

I have talked to several that are catching the limit of crappie. It looks the hot spot is the North upper blue basin end of the lake. It is more wind protected and the reports are bigger crappie are caught on that end of the lake. This picture was taken in front reelfoot fishing report the store on the 5th of January. I counted 30 boats. The water temperature is around 73 and you can jig around the stumps are drag out in the open water. They are starting to move shallow to the cooler water.

Just be patient and wait for them to bite. Brim caught some nice crappie and a few catfish. The cooler weather and water temperature should start more action with the fish. The White's from Ill, reelfoot fishing report. He was using Sonny's catfish bait and night crawlers July 27, Gail caught this nice bluegill fishing off the pier at Sportsman's North.

It weighed 9oz. Her husband Donny has caught 19 catfish off of the pier. July 11, reelfoot fishing report, James and party from Missouri caught a nice catfish on there morning out. They were using night crawlers, reelfoot fishing report. Maybe they will catch some bluegill this afternoon. June 28, The bluegill are biting around trees and out from the bank. Crickets seem to work the best. Crappie are in about 5 foot of water drifting using minnows.

Largemouth Bass are around duck blinds, logs, docks. White spinner baits work best. Catfish are hitting good using Sonny's catfish bait. Dale and his friend from Ky. They have made an annual trip to Sportsman's for 10 years or more. They are from Waterloo, Il. Reelfoot fishing report year they took home bluegill after 3 days of fishing. Which wasn't to good for them. Last year it was around


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reelfoot fishing report


Reelfoot Lake has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. The earthquakes of , which created Reelfoot Lake, have made the pan fishing for crappie, bass and bluegill ideal. Hunters also come to Reelfoot Lake to take advantage of the plentiful deer and duck populations. Deer hunting starts at the end of September and continues though the. february 25, boy, the weather has been tough. we had a full house in over the week-end and fishing was pretty slow. another front came through and brought some cold wind with it. these determined boys didn't let the weather stop them from catching some reelfoot lake crappie. jimmy, barry and charles drove all the way from virginia. Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report from Guide Jackie Van Cleave. Crappie, Bass, Bluegill and Catfishing on Reelfoot.